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this is our to internationalise eleven pm here in moscow tonight kiev claims to have destroyed a russian military convoy described by moscow as a phantom after a british journalist published pictures of unmarked armored personnel carriers which they claimed would near the border of ukraine were following that of yourself . also to sanctions from the cools in europe as leader after leader comes out against further economic restrictions on russia with businesses in their countries already feeling the sting of moscow's countermeasures. the us government deployed armed to the teeth security officers to contain
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countrywide protests demanding justice over the police killing of a teenager. over a good evening if you just joined us this is r.t. international well the big news tonight that the start with russian military vehicles have allegedly crossed over into ukraine and were destroyed there that's the allegation of fact here's a quote from the official website of the ukrainian president about it. more than what those claims are actually based on the. on thursday evening two foreign journalists reported that they had seen more than twenty russian armored personnel carriers cross it into ukraine not far from the place where the russian humanitarian aid convoy is parked they didn't cleared any proof for this statement but already on friday morning some other western journalists joined these claims accompany their reports with pictures of military armored vehicle sometimes with
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russian flags but without giving any time all occasions tam russia's border control officials concerned that the country's troops are patrolling the area and the front corps and they have been receiving recently because of the from neighboring countries but they denied that any military biko had ever crossed into ukraine there exists no russian military convoy that crossed the russian ukrainian border either at night or during the day let's hope the ukrainian army only destroyed a friend and not refugees or their own soldiers when really you foreign ministers gathered in brussels europe and in my other topics they discussed the situation in eastern ukraine and the situation around the russian humanitarian aid convoys they expressed their concerns over there it was by western journalists in some countries is a promise of more sanctions against russia if this situation in ukraine continues to deteriorate or if they discover and if they prove that russia used humanitarian aid
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convoy as a pretext to send troops and weapons to. so will tone and maybe we also heard from nato chief that they lines had observed russia's incursion into ukraine and we also read this information on this special reps i don't you cranes president present question but so far none of these accusations none of these claims was supported by any solid habitants. well that seems to be the case let's try to fill in some gaps together with political analyst chris bambery is joining us from london chris you've been following this story closely it is puzzling i mean when you claim to have witnessed an invasion like this you'd normally want solid proof at least pictures it's not a big thing to ask for to back it up where is the proof and if so why is it not there. very good question kevin and this story is frankly bizarre because this morning the attention of the world was on humanitarian convoy the russians said any
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western journalist could inspect any vehicle in that convoy which they did and discover drinking water of it then suddenly once that had happened the previous mission remember the humanitarian convoy was being projected as a sort of sar again invasion force of ukraine suddenly we have these crims a russian invasion of ukraine and as you say if this invasion had happened the ukrainians the nato would have been desperate to get video of this of photographs out on the internet on the t.v. saying here is proof of a russian putin way of invasion of ukraine and they also authorized this if the russians were going to invade ukraine would they just send in some armored personnel carriers lightly armored vehicles and the answer is no or if you were going to invade a wall zordon world their opponents already have aircraft in artillery you would of course use heavy armor infantry airplanes and artillery the russians on
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amateurs they know this so it's highly unlikely in any military our idea that you would just send in some lightly armored armored personnel carriers into ukrainian bill with the surfside mission and especially in the whole thing is rather bizarre and especially very strange thing to do as you say when so much attention is on the border anyway with ukraine focused on their own lives a convoy that as you say has been very controversial on the way but this bill expected yet again an inside our blankets sleeping bags baby food etc etc etc so much needed in the east of the moment and i guess the other worrying thing here you might think is that. the russian ambassador to the u.k. has been called to talk about this has been taken extremely seriously over no proof governments have jumped on the bandwagon of foreign governments over no proof just something off twitter it's bit of a worry that the people have jumped so quickly on to this again they know something that obviously isn't apparent on the russian side. no i think what they are
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desperate for is the story of created putin as the new hope that russia is about to invade and take over ukraine they've built a story so much the rue it at the four suggestion that something might be handy the ruling jumped and we've already heard bomb are using the word invasion we've heard david cameron as you say making very hard statements of the british british government and it's very strange as you say lead away for any prove or not for real and this is a zone which could hardly not be under surveillance by the ways than i would suspect there are drawn surveillance a aircraft satellites operating constantly observing it as you see as well this incursion supposedly to. the humanitarian aid convoy why we have teams of journalists in the area why can't provide some proof and i guess the skeptics would say ok because if we rewind the clock but this all kicked off with
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two british journalists a bastion of fairness one would say from very good reputable papers the guardian the telegraph to british journalists that witnessed exactly twenty three of these armored personnel carriers apparently coming across but they didn't either have the equipment a mobile phone or the now well that's weird to take pictures of it the first thing you'd want to do everyone's got photos these days why wouldn't you do that. yeah and you'd have thought you'd want to you might one of them in your car or whatever it is most of all transport to find those people i do find it strange and if you were a conspiracy theorist or neither you or me kevin are conspiracy theories you might think this whole story was devised to take attention away from the furor it been built up by humanity about the humanitarian convoy which was exploded as you say when the inspection revealed it was carrying water food and blankets and some way one behold another story emerges of the supposed russian invasion of of ukraine and
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then i do think it's very very very strange all of then of course with them heroic president poroshenko is website that this convoy was destroyed. but again there's no pictures of destroyed and if the ukrainians had achieved this fantastic military victory over russia again you might think that apart from just bit of statement on twitter or on the presidential website again they'd want to be showing the world the proof of this fantastic triumph over the russian enemy slaughtering david they don't have film of these armored personnel carriers in the tanks there are those i think the thing is preposterous you would not send in just a lightly armed force like this into a war zone it would be suicidal just chris as a footnote to that we're out of time just as a footnote to that the russian foreign ministry obviously denied it earlier on they said this isn't to do with us we haven't done this for the reasons you just outlined but of course if it is true that some tanks or some other personnel carriers or some military equipment has been blitzed here the worry is that it may be ukrainian military equipment that's been blitz or maybe civilians caught up with
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it on the accordion side we'll only be able to follow that up i'm afraid we're out of time for now chris bambery from london thanks ever so much be on the program thank you. meanwhile for the second day running the center of dinette has been borne by the ukrainian military which says the attack is part of the final stage of liberating the city from local militia i must warn you again tonight what we're about to show you next contains some graphic images this emerged online it appears to show the aftermath of the attack a shopping center this time in an office block rect another shell a university building at least eleven people were killed in this latest on bartman while in the previous four days over eighty died ukrainian army using heavy artillery such as rocket launchers but now another twist of this may be another worrying development locals claim something more sinister they think is also being deployed. what is that what your
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guess is a good as ours we're not experts on thursday night people in the next reported that along with the now familiar sound of bombing this happened this rain down on this video can't be verified but locals claim it shows incendiary devices being used similar to those apparently used by the army in another eastern city that we reported on you may recall just couple of months ago former u.k. army officer charles shear bridge believes it's now that up to ukraine to prove that this was not an attack involving incendiaries at the end of the day the onus i think must be on ukraine to assure or reassure the community and even reassure the people in east ukraine and donetsk in this case live once before as to what the kind of munition is that they're using they could of course clear this up very quickly simply by revealing and having it verified by people who know what they're talking about on the ground and elsewhere as to what the weapon is or the luminance
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is that they're using a sick asian and they could satisfy this inquiry i think very easily or failing that of course some kind of independent investigation would be needed. let's just for a minute take a look again were all this is happening just as a refresher the next here is the regional capital big place almost a million people used to live in that city oh say used because many of them fled in fear that's been under regular attack under siege since may in three months it's over at least one hundred twenty eight attacks from the ukrainian military since the government launched what it calls its anti terror operation in the east over eight hundred civilians now have been killed in the donetsk region the fighting is still major destroyed much of the region's infrastructure leaving locals without gas water or electricity indeed this latest fire here broke out at this gas pipe was hit by shelling as you can see the blaze was pretty intense local emergency services struggle with that to get under control for one. forgives foreign backers the level of civilian deaths in the east as
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a result of the heavy weaponry is getting tough to avoid now although when washington was asked about it directly it wasn't enough to dent its unshakeable support for kiev's methods it seems. we can only occur needs to every step to avoid the local population if they try to flee the city even with that but do you support the specific use of heavy artillery that could carry the risk of civilian casualties and leave blood on them not to use a weapon that could increase that but again we're very supportive of the ukrainians here it's a tough fight they're in and we do think that the ultimate goal is going to be the cities now they control that. meanwhile the global campaign in support of missing russian photojournalist is picking up pace we've been talking about him all week the u.n. the e.u. and a myriad of rights groups serve called on kiev to secure under a stand ins release ukrainian government official admitted during a radio interview that the reporter had been arrested but it's been a mixed picture that was then later denied understanding is a career photographer it's his life it's his job he's been covering conflicts all over the world the hashtag free andrew has been trending also szell networks has
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been missing for ten days no so far as a saudi mixed signals about where he may or may not be as soon as we get to hear anything definite we'll of course keep you posted. reporting next few areas over the killing of an unarmed teenager by a police officer in ferguson missouri has spread to some ninety cities across the u.s. from washington to los angeles demonstrators all over the country demanded that security forces be held accountable for their actions new york was shaken by one of the largest rallies as thousands block times square despite the demonstrations of many largely peaceful police did make several arrests in ferguson itself people defied police warnings and gathered for a fifth night parties in the same church which i. think the people. were guessing yet again to demonstrate following the killing of
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eighteen year old unarmed teen michael brown. a popular opinion among ferguson residents is that what has been going on here has been largely misrepresented by the media being. rich that these protests have received in the media coverage. because they shut us down we have freedom of speech because protests anytime we want to many forms of dance the beatles do obviously continues to be the prevailing emotion here on these streets as was the justice for him i really do. on wednesday night we saw the most of violent clashes thus far. clashes between police and riot gear and protesters where tear gas was used rubber bullets were flying the street was battered with that see or gas cannons and certainly it was extremely chaotic on the ground and arrest of two journalists took place some journalists
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were hit with some tear gas including ourselves we had a blast take place just steps away from we were standing for now political statements about accountability justice and an independent investigation remain just words and not deeds this community intends to keep coming out on to the streets until those promises become reality. and the situation of their mind resisted military vehicles that once roamed the sands of iraq and policemen armed to the teeth at rallies in ferguson is cause. they're up should be understandably mocking tweets pointing out that offices are better equipped than some water i'm soldiers take a look at this picture from one of the rallies and it doesn't take an expert to tell us this officers got some heavy duty kits on their list take a look at it more closely see these kitted out with his head gear includes always use the military helmet and tactical goggles weapon of choice possibly nato to launch it with a high tech advance on his side to knives as well well this kind of deployment of
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this kind of a lead as i say not and surprisingly to people comparing the whole situation to suddenly find in a police state. they lose this map he shows how the hashtag ferguson spread across twitter didn't take long for the subject to engulf the u.s. before spreading across to the atlantic only after this kind of reaction and nights of protest though did the police finally reveal the name of the officer who shot the teenager's name is darren wilson political columnist ted rall believes that until the police stop acting as an occupying force people's anger won't subside it's not the first time this is happened you know this is a situation that repeats itself in all sorts of african-american communities across the country that are policed as though they were occupied territory by highly militarized i would say u.s. troops but local police who are equipped as though they were occupying afghanistan
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or iraq so. there is no connection whatsoever but just hostility between the communities that are being policed and the police that are supposed to be serving them that's the big issue that's the big problem that i don't see how the president in his investigation over this one incident would be able to make much headway there. the shooting of michael brown is just the latest scandal involving police brutality in the us has led to mass outrage in july and this matic not died of an officer put him in a chokehold even though the victim repeatedly said that he had difficulty breathing he said a number of times this was a mentally ill man who was gunned down by police during an investigative stop and one of the most distressing instance took place in georgia in may when this baby was severely injured by a stun grenade in a police raid offices and to the day got the wrong house to coming up hiding his source of information from the u.s. authorities could cost the press freedom once again suffering
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a blow in america and now with you york times investigative journalist facing prison for keeping his lips sealed he's got his story plus while thousands it is royal call for the government to put an end to hamas residents in the west bank a massive boycott of products and an attempt to undermine tele beeves economy just a couple of the stories of make heaven no after this quick break.
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cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here you're not going to hear in iraq it's a big story that has come out why some talk there's a reason they don't want you to know that they have very important ways that we should be completely outraged now let's break the set. philip in russia both voiced concern over the scale of the military operation in ukraine and the humanitarian disaster it's created the statement was made jointly insult she with a visiting finnish leader met vladimir putin in office there to. both presidents
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said that they are extremely concerned about the ongoing violence in southeastern ukraine calling it a humanitarian catastrophe which must be resolved immediately the finnish leader also supported the humanitarian operation currently being conducted by moscow it's sending humanitarian aid to eastern ukraine saying that these types of steps help to rebuild trust which is vital to help to deescalate the tensions in the region and also of course both leaders discussed trade ties between russia and finland which recently have gone down by eighty percent. but you know but if you're going up to the finish president tonight discuss the negative impact of sanctions which came to the conclusion that the measures are harmful to trade and business development in our country and as a result to the world economy this is president putin's first meeting with any e.u. leaders since the european union introduced the latest set of sanctions targeting the whole sectors of the russian economy and since moscow introduced to the ban on
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a wide range of products imported from the e.u. and it has caused quite a strong effect on european producers take a look at this graphic that we've prepared for you. because of these limitations which have been imposed on all countries which have been taking part in the russian sanctions the european union alone is expected to lose up to seven billion dollars many european farmers are now asking e.u. officials for compensation but the problem is the european union's emergency fund which is designated for these purposes is only around four hundred million euros which is obviously not enough so i don't know what we're going to do of this continues the crops in a region are threatened i have people who work for me on monday morning i told them to stay home i don't know what i'm going to do. since leaving the. visitation is so difficult because production is a major loss we can make up for it and we want to receive compensation from the
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bulgarian government or from the european union. but it is the ban on imports to russia will mean a collapse for sure we have to stop our production the revenues will not be enough to cover the costs of things like logistics. statement by statement e.u. leaders are changing the chin with regards to sanctions now that they're on the receiving end hungary's prime minister for instance been the latest the state of the by imposing sanctions on russia europe shot itself in the foot here while nearby austria as agriculture minister confirmed the industry there's already lost six million dollars as a result of russia's retaliatory food embargo a member of the european parliament for france's national front party told us it's time now to deescalate the first we decided to stop. the face but sometimes it's. wiser to decide to stop the first very bad. and to lose a little bit the face of the economy the european economy is now in
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a very bad situation we have very low growth we have a fact no growth so we cannot afford to have problems in the agricultural sector of france but also for spain for denmark for an imbalance and so many countries. press freedom is a basic right written into the u.s. constitution but it's one apparently not enjoyed right now by new york times journalist james rice and these now facing jail for not revealing a whistleblower source is going to force next this could result in a major blow to investigative journalism in the u.s. . this is a petition with one hundred thousand signatures on it demanding that the u.s. government stop its to see that new york times journalist james writes that the u.s. justice department wants him to give up the name of the sorts which james lies and has refused to do time and time again now the justice department considers forcing . him to change slicing continues to refuse he may go to jail the source has
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provided wising with information about a bungled cia operation in iran which the journalist used in his two thousand and six book war stories and was first subpoenaed in two thousand and eight to testify against james sterling a former cia employee who was later charged under the espionage act for allegedly disclosing secrets to the reporter buys an appeal to the u.s. supreme court earlier this year to get the justice department to revoke its request for him to testify but to no avail i want to give details about the case but i can just say that you know i think this is really all about. the issue of press freedom in america and whether or not we're going to have. this continue you know. in america that's the central issue. risin is a two time pulitzer prize winner one of his pulitzer was for his reporting on the
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warrantless wiretapping program under george w. bush and another for reporting in the aftermath of the nine eleven attacks numerous press freedom groups and prominent journalists are now backing him by shedding light on his persecution. we think people like james risin of the new york times. you'd be put on a pedestal. and the people in this department of justice building think you should be put in prison we can't get the story unless people who know the story. can talk to us without fear of. retaliation the obama administration has already prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined and the view that many people share here is that if the government is indeed successful in forcing the journey chains rice to testify against his alleged sorts it could be a major blow to investigative journalism in the us in washington i'm going to check on our. israeli security forces have killed stun grenades and rubber bullets to
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disperse palestinians in the west bank clashes erupted during a rally in support of tests of some stones and burned tires on the streets chemist thousands of people marched in tel aviv to thank the military for its offensive in gaza and calling on the government to put an end to hamas once and for all the land sea and air assault killed nearly two thousand palestinians most of them civilians and children israel lost sixty four soldiers during the campaign but harry fear reports for r t next people in the west bank and found a new way to support gaza and heard tell of eve a boycott of his really goods in the west bank has gained momentum during israel's war in gaza given the trade between israel and the palestinian territories is worth hundreds of millions of dollars a mass boycott of israeli goods could be a significant development. when i picked something i check with where if it is made in israel or outside if i buy some israeli stuff. the money will go to the military
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who are the one who is going to who's bombing my brothers in it feels amazing it feels like an it's a way of resistance it feels they can resisting in a way and it's not just consumers taking the initiative shops themselves including large supermarket chains have joined in to some scenes previously fifty percent of our sales were israeli goods now it's dropped to five percent however israeli economists generally disagree i doubt that it will have any serious effect on the economy because. the palestinian the market is not a big market in israel this wave of boycotting israeli goods is making people feel empowered not since the second intifada has a campaign gain so much momentum say palestinians they hope that they'll be an impact that will change the dynamic of the israeli palestinian conflict but it seems unlikely that there will be any meaningful impact on the broader israeli
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economy fear r.t. jerusalem. you know sort of following closely you can also keep abreast of all the news twenty four seven on the website stuff the break from the fog of cross talk coming up so. baltimore is considering making their curfew for minors even stricter for the last twenty years children caught on the street up until midnight were in deep trouble with the police but now this will be made even earlier starting at nine or ten pm depending on their age and the day of the week can the government impose a curfew on youths well yes if we think about it people under eighteen can't sign contracts join the army smoke cigarettes or vote because they're legally not responsible for their own actions so yeah that whole freedom of association
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guaranteed by the constitution really only applies once you're an adult who can in theory be responsible for associating with certain people on a street corner at midnight although legally this is ok ideologically there's something wrong with the idea i remember hearing in school all the talk about living in the greatest country on earth and how many freedoms we have in america but the problem is that it's hard for teenagers to believe all these nice slogans when they have to dodge police just for walking down the street in their own home town getting a two hundred fifty dollar fine for leaving your house doesn't make you feel like you're living in the greatest country on earth i mean it sure didn't when they put a curfew in my neighborhood in the ninety's but that's just my opinion.


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